Create a Store

First things first! Let's create your store.

  1. Make sure you're logged in, if not you can sign up here or login to your existing account here. (make sure to check your mail to activate your account).

  2. Hit + Create store to create your first store

3. You can now add all the basic details of your store.

No worries, you can set up more details about the store after the creation.

4. Hit Create and the first steps of creating your online store and done! ✅ 5. Now that we set up your store, hit the Edit tab so we can add more details to your store.

6. Depending on the plan you choose you can now fill in all the details of your store

If you want to test all features of the platform you can start your 14-day trial here. No credit card is needed.

Tip: If you want to receive detailed statistics in your email about your store (once a week) you can toggle this on or off bellow

  • Extra: Here you can add more details about your store like opening hours, or add your website & email this will create buttons on your store so customers can reach you.

  • Ordering: If your current plan allows this you can turn on ordering, more info about that here.

  • Business details: Turn on our automatic invoicing systems. And add your business details. Learn more info about invoicing here.

  • Visuals: Here you can customize the looks and feel of your store, add your own logo, Cover, and Favicon (that's the little icon in the browser top). And you can even add your own custom CSS to style your store, more about CSS here. And last but not least you can even add your own custom code to customize your store, even more, learn about it here.

  • Socials: Connect your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

On to the next one, creating your first menu!

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