Add variants to items

For example you can let your customers choose between a big pizza or a small one and change the price accordingly.

  1. If you have not yet created your item first create one.

  2. Now go to the product your want to add variants to and hit edit.

3. Now if your scroll down a toggle "Variants" has appeared, switch this toggle on and hit the update button.

4. Now at the top click on the item in the submenu

5. You should see an overview now of Item options, Item variants, and item extras. First, we're going to set up the different options we want to add to our product by clicking on the + Create item option button.

6. Let's say our options are about the size of the pizza your customers can order, then your inputs would look this:

But of course, it could be anything. After you added your options hit Create.

7. Now we can continue to click on + Create item variant to start adding prices to our just created item options.

8. Choose one of your options from the dropdown and give it a total price so if you want your small pizza to cost €11,99 you can fill it in like this:

9. Repeat this process (in this case for Medium and Large) for all the item options you've created. And it will look something like this:

10. You're all set up! If you go to the product you've just added the variants it should look something like this, and your customers can now configure their product.

If you want to know how to add extra options to your products click here.

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